We look forward to your talent.

Seller on the phone

You bring:

Enthusiasm, curiosity, drive, perseverance, energy, a desire to sell.

Your task:

You sell our products B2B to existing customers and acquire new ones.

We offer:

Top quality, a cool team, good pay, usually friendly, always fair boss, modern, secure workplace.


Mini-jobs, temporary drivers

We are looking for several drivers for nationwide delivery of fresh flowers to our customers on a mini-job basis. The journeys take place overnight.


Please send applications by email to or call 0641 – 9829838.

Unsolicited application are welcome:

BIGI Blumenvertriebs GmbH

z. Hd. Herr Heino Berghaus

Lahnwegsberg 21

35435 Wettenberg

or via e-mail to: