BIGI sees itself as a partner and mediator between the producers and their customers.

We source and market, continuously and long-termly frequent volumes of fresh cut flowers and high quality cut greens with our predominantly certified producers.

That ensures planning security for producers, and certainty of having frequent access to the same high quality product for customers.

Marketing local German production is becoming an increasingly considerable part of our trade volume. We welcome this development towards sustainability and sensible trade very much.

On course towards a sound expansion we always keep our eyes open for new products and new varieties.

In addition, we buy directly for you in Herongen and Netherland, in order to assemble our assortment diversely and attractively.

Besides fresh flowers,”preserved products” have been becoming increasingly popular.

In an intricate process, water is extracted from these flowers and substituted with Glycerin. The product feels real and natural, though long lasting over many years. The majority of our “preserved products” consists of Ecuadorian Roses from different producers. This combination results in a comprehensive color spectrum with nothing left to be desired.

    Last but not least we are distributing exclusively the Moon – series.

    These are genetically modified flowers in different shades of blue. The special coloring is achieved by adding color genes of the petunia.